Jun 12 - 13 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

VIP TR Wade Arena Terrell TX

All roping’s are 4 head except open it is a 5 header PA 1. Draw in option is available in each roping except the Open. On extra runs everyone will receive 1 extra run before anyone receives 2 we will try to draw the maximum classification but it is not guaranteed. Cash or CC only have to be a Platinum member to write checks. Must have 2021 Rope Metrics Membership.

Dress Code: Hat or No hat no Ball caps, Shirts must have a collar.

Roping’s are capped from the #11.5 down to the #8.5

Current Coggins are required

Regular Barrier will be used on Friday, WS Barrier on Sat and Sunday



Clay 214-663-4977  or Tammy 254-485-8277