• Must have a Current Rope Metrics Membership to Rope.
  • No other cards will be accepted.
  • All roping's are 4 head.
  • Must have a collared shirt.
  • Can wear ball caps if it is a VIP cap. (Caps available for $20 each at the roping)



We have decided to add “side pots” to our VIP team roping’s. The first you will see this is 40 and over side pot only for the added money divisions. Both partners must be 40. In an instance which you draw a partner and both of you are over 40 and decide to enter the side pot you have until you run your first steer to pay for it.

How does this work?
First you must enter the main roping which is $250/roper. If you meet the side pot requirements you may enter the side pot for an additional fee. That side pot money is 100% payback and will pay 1 place for every 10 teams entered in the side pot. All the money is paid out in the aggregate.

Ex. 30 teams enter the side pot at $50/roper the payout would be:
1st- $1500/team
2nd - $900/team
3rd - $600/team

We’ve added this side pot to give ropers another opportunity to win money against their peers when entering a higher fee roping.